Social media networking cushion

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Looking for the perfect gift for the social media junkie in your life? Everybody knows the signs and symptoms, you can spot an addict a mile off. Constantly glued to their phone, waving arms around the air checking for the light and angle to take that perfect selfie, and when they find it out comes the ‘pout’.

These days, it seems like almost everyone is obsessed with social media. Even more so now we’re all in lockdown. Think what life would have been like during lockdown 20 years ago with no Wi-Fi and only a Nokia 8210 in the palms of your hands. I guess we would have all become masters of the classic game Snake. A simpler time.

It’s fair to say social media has revolutionised and touched billions of our lives. As much as I try to limit my time on networking sites my guilty pleasures are LinkedIn and Instagram. Don’t ask me what Snapchat and TikTok is. I’m an alumnus of the Myspace generation so I sit outside of the core demographic these platforms are targeting. I miss the days of a self-indulgent profile song and being able to see who’s snooping on your page.

If you’re like me you know many people who live and breathe social. Every Sunday my partner and I compare screen time, it’s always a funny conversation. She can never believe she spends so much time on Facebook. I spend far less on social and that’s even with my blog and work commitments. When the results come in she hates my cheeky little grin.

To delight the social obsessives in your life why not consider my social networking cushion as the ideal gift for your geeky friend. Embrace and celebrate their love for these platforms with a #CheekyLittleGift.  


  • Double-sided print
  • Fabric with a linen feel
  • Hidden zipper
  • Machine-washable case

Let’s take a closer look

Social media networking cushion
Social media networking cushion

Where can I get the cushion?

If you think my social networking cushion is the perfect gift head to my Etsy store to find out more.