Graphic Design

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COVID-19 has had a dramatic and uninvited impact on all of our lives across the world. As a result many of you may now find you have plenty of time on your hands. If COVID is keeping you home, you now have the perfect opportunity to start learning new skills like graphic design to enhance your career.

With access to countless affordable online training resources there really is no excuse if you’re wondering what to do with your extra time at home. It’s no secret I am an advocate or self learning, I’m living proof that it can change your entire career trajectory.

When I made the step from video to graphic design I couldn’t have done it without access to many of the resources I’m about to mention. Graphic design is an exciting and creative outlet. As much as it can be challenging it can also be a very rewarding discipline. Giving birth to new creative ideas and projects everyday really is fun.

Whether you want to learn new skills for a hobby, brush up for your current role, or take the leap to a career change, these resources will help you make that all important first step.

01. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning started life as I’d bet most people that have been in the creative field over the last 10 years has stumbled across at some stage. It was a training powerhouse, it had the most comprehensive library of courses I have ever seen on the internet. I never felt like it was quantity over quality. I enjoyed learning from countless industry professionals. Many of the skills, tips and techniques I learned are part of my wheelhouse today. These skills are the foundations of my genetic makeup as a designer.

In 2015 LinkedIn acquired for $1.5 billion. Not a small sum by any stretch of the imagination. I’m pleased LinkedIn saw the potential of the platform’s training courses, they truly have taken it to the next level. I strongly urge anyone to sign up to the trial. The monthly subscription is around $30.

02. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq originated as Computer Arts, there was a website and magazine. In the mid naughties I used to take a trip to WHSmith to pick up my copy and browse countless other titles. It was a great time for creative publications and I do miss the whole experience of buying magazines in that way. It’s a different world now with everything at your fingertips.

I used to love their bumper edition magazines, crammed full of tutorials and insights from creative professionals. I could never wait to get it home and fire up my computer and learn the latest tips and tricks.

Moving on to more recent times, the site is now Creative Bloq. It still offers great inspiration articles for creatives and expert tips and tutorials that will help you become a better designer.

03. Pluralsight


Pluralsight was once Digital Tutors before the rebrand. Back in the Digital Tutors days I used the site quite regularly. I remember there being some fantastic InDesign courses and a great selection of Photoshop and Illustrator training. Today, the site looks like it offers the same great content and much much more.

With over 6,500 courses Pluralsight is a great resource for an affordable monthly subscription cost of £24.

04. Udemy


Udemy is actually a training site I haven’t used. I’ve been aware of it for a year or two but never taken any steps to investigate further. Even though it’s virgin territory to me my senior designer highly recommends the learning platform.

Over the course of 10 years, Udemy has grown to offer 100,000 teaching courses from over 57,000 instructors. Subjects range from graphic design to web design, and everything in between. You can access comprehensive courses for less than £15. Prices do vary.

05. Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics was one of my go to resources just around the time that I made the leap to become a designer professionally. I really admire Chris Spooner, the work that must go into providing such cool content regularly over 10 years is inspiring. If you head to his site you will instantly see the effort he goes to.

Chris creates some brilliant easy to follow design tutorials. He even successfully dabbles in video training. Chris’ design bundles are out of this world, they’re well worth checking out.

Better yet, check out his great selection of freebie templates to help you kick-start your next creative endeavour.

Up for the challenge?

If I have failed to convince you to replace your free time with new learning initiatives there’s still time for DIY around the house. Don’t be like me, finish those jobs. After all, when will you get so much free time again?

If however you see the potential of taking steps to improve your skill-set or even learn a new vocation, these training resources will help you achieve your goal(s). Just set aside an hour or two a day and in next to no time you’ll be giving me a run for my money.

Know of any great resources I’ve missed? Comment below!